(10) ways to choose clothes. 24pm

Choosing clothes to make you look slimmer can be a little difficult for plus-size women. If you choose the wrong clothes, you will even think that you will buy more. That’s why I’m going to show you how to choose clothes to make you look slimmer.

1. Choose colors.
Black makes you look thin. In addition to black, dark colors make you look slimmer. For example, gray crimson Choose dark blue colors. Light colored shirts and pants will make you look fatter.

2. Choose V-neck shirts.
If you wear V-neck shirts and wide neck shirts, your collarbone will be more prominent. That’s why your beauty is more prominent and it makes you seem slimmer.

3. Choose clothes with vertical stripes.
If fat people wear striped clothes, they will be fatter than fat. That’s why full body owners should prefer clothes with vertical stripes.

4. Avoid short sleeves.
If you wear short sleeves, it’s like showing off your strong arms. That’s why it’s not compatible with those who are fat. You should choose long sleeves or short sleeves to make you slimmer.

5. Choose clothes with small flowers.
Clothes with large openings make you look fatter. Small flowers, Clothes with small spots make you look younger and make your body look smaller.

6. Top coat color
If the color of the upper coat is light, the body will be bigger. That’s why the colors, Choose more dull colors.

7. Pointed shoes
Round toe shoes make your feet look bigger. In addition, it makes you think that you are short. Pointed shoes help slim legs.

8. Pencil skirt
A pencil skirt will make you look slimmer as well as give you a neat and tight fit. When choosing a pencil skirt, don’t be too tight. It is also important not to overdo it. A skirt with a lot of folds makes the body look more flattering.
9. Short Jack
To make your legs look longer, Choose short jackets instead of long coats to make you look slimmer.
10. Pants
If you wear pants that cover your toes, your body will look bigger. Wear well-fitting pants that only cover the ankles to make you look slim and tall.