2 handfuls of salt

Do this if you feel that your luck is low and there are too many obstacles.

2 handfuls of salt free from algae

I’m not happy, I’m not fresh, I’m dull, I’m not comfortable doing anything

There are many obstacles

Bribery is blocked… No transaction

At the very least, if you feel that you are low in glory, you must be surprised, and if you have experienced situations like that, there are many moments of weakness.

To make everything smooth and easy, I will give you a simple and effective gambi report…

His 2 hands… hold a ball of salt in his right hand and a ball of salt in his left hand and sit comfortably.

After that, you have to concentrate deeply in your mind and think that the surprises and bad moments in your body are being absorbed by the salt in your hand.

After 5 minutes of holding and concentrating, throw away the salt in your hand and wash your hands thoroughly.

Do it 1 time every 3 days.

After doing it for the 3rd time, you will experience that everything is noticeably smoother.