20.1.2023 to 26.1.2023

During this period, applications, Statistics must be processed urgently. Famous and high prestige.

Guests will often come and make good money. Earn money while working comfortably. You will get the help of women who look like parents.

You should benefit from diamonds and cars. Other electrical items will cost more money. Marital responsibilities will be very stressful.

It will be like a huge stone. In a romantic relationship, I want to switch to a new love, but I can’t let go of the old one.

ancient literature and philosophy in education; I will have the opportunity to study philosophy subjects. You will get ancient books. He must have the help of non-religious teachers.

Crop fields close to farmers road They will be destroyed by rats. Take a bath wrongly. Too much cold, stiff, You may experience strokes.

Especially the limbs will be numb. Injury to the leg In the meantime, a single tooth will cause trouble.

Favorable number 4/6/0 Specially, it will be convenient if you put in special effort.

During this period, when jobs are cold, friends Business will be slow and delayed due to relatives.

What do you do? He must work with his skill and investment, depending on his financial wealth. Two skills must be used simultaneously.

The clutter must be clear. must be fought. It will be a long trip. They tend to be confiscated by others.

Money will come from family business and mother’s work. A marriage facing a cold breakup is still stable at first due to the spouse’s honesty.

However, the explosive bomb will be ready to break up at any moment. Otherwise, it is a wonderful marriage trip far away from each other.
It will be a strong rose, loved by every young woman, surrounded by single lovers.
I will look forward to a distant lover more than a near person. In the education sector, they will study happily. Work and education will be at the same time.

Health is good, but burns with sharp blades and hot oil. You may experience electric shock. Medicine is also wrong.

Benefit Number 1/4/3 Specially, I’m a bit busy and tired. Buy two Yatra cakes and feed them to a child.