15 questions you should ask your lover before marriage

get married god Ink injection is a difficult matter to fix after it is done. Out of this, getting married is an important decision in your life.

To spend your whole life with another person, To share and enjoy everything. It is time to decide to pay. Making this decision is both worrisome and exciting. So in order to make the right decisions You will need to ask these questions to the person who is destined to be your life partner.

1. Do you plan to get married and have children?

This question is important. having children in a marriage; Absence causes many changes. Therefore, regarding the plan to have a child, when will it be taken? How many will be taken should be discussed in advance.

2. One’s financial ideas, Are you sure of your goals? Do you have the same idea of ​​how to spend and how to save money? When it comes to financial matters, even couples who love each other very much tend to lose their love. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mutually satisfactory financial management.

3. Love and kindness are the same? Can you love me back as much as I love you?

In order to be a long-term partner, we need to have mutual affection for each other. If you feel that there is no love between the two of you, then you need to discuss it carefully.

4. Can it be hot or cold?

When two people get married, they become one. Matters to be decided throughout life, We will face various events and we need to balance each other’s attitude.

Only when there is a mutual agreement will we be able to work together for the long term.

5. Can I accept my friends from his side?

After marriage, both will still have friends. Friends are an important part of life and should not be neglected.

On his side, you need to have mutual respect for your friends. If not, problems are sure to await. No matter how much two people love each other, Personal time and personal freedom must be mutually respected.

6. Have you been able to accept each other’s families with mutual respect?

You don’t have to think too much about this. Acceptance and love from both families is important for a marriage to be strong.

If there is a problem with the other family, try to solve it and accept it.

7. What are the complaints about your family?

It is a continuation of question number (6). My goal is to find out what makes my family unhappy. Once you know what she likes, you can solve the problem.

8. Can you give up everything for marriage?

Even in the life of a girlfriend, we have to negotiate with each other. If you are establishing a marriage because there is something to pay for, this becomes even more important.

In order for a marriage to be strong, no matter what the situation is, you need to be able to give up everything you can.

9. Can you live if you are separated from each other due to the situation?

We always need to be able to face and overcome unforeseen issues and events together. Whether it’s because of work or if one of you has to be separated from another, you need to be able to give each other strength and support.

10. Will the two be able to openly discuss their internal affairs?

When getting married, it’s best to know each other inside out. We also need to be able to talk about these things openly.

11. Do you know everything about each other?

Before getting married, you should know everything about each other, good and bad. If you find out later, you might feel like you’ve been lied to by someone you trusted the most.

The next four questions are –

12. Do you plan to be together until you grow up?

13. Are you ready to pay all that is on your side, no matter what time it is?

14. Can we accept each other as fellow diners?

15. It’s about whether you can appreciate the relationship between the two of you in your own egos