Best management with knowledge

Management optimizes resources; Most effective means doing it for maximum results. There are many sources. Common sources are people, time, Again you have to manage many aspects like money etc.

Skills and knowledge are different.

Expertise is knowing ‘how’ to do something. Knowledge can be easily divided into knowing ‘what to do’. Even in

skills, flexibility, There are hard skills and smart skills. If it becomes a brilliant skill, it will generally be defined as

someone who is close to knowledge.

Educated means someone who has a degree. They are automatically known as university graduates.

However, It is not a “reusable level”, “a level that can distinguish between right and wrong” and “a level at which

maximum efficiency can be achieved”. The experience of the world can be acquired and integrated, and a level of

knowledge will be reached.

Basic teaching

Schooling that teaches many subjects from an early age; I see classroom education as very basic. different subject-

specific thinking; They train their brains, which is their knowledge, with different ways of thinking and knowing.

Experiences are always involved. a kind of learning A kind of acquisition Even in the metaphysical realm there is a

covenant;  “Work” means observing and practicing the law (adding experience), so you know how important

experience is.

You don’t need to learn everything.

By his study and experience he could do what his conscience ought to do without being urged by anyone. Another

type is Explicit Knowledge. This knowledge comes from an individual. For example, Procedures; laws, Limitations

can only be understood if someone explains them clearly. Implicit Knowledge is a category.

Information is people’s news (summarized and analyzed) and not the level of knowledge. Knowledge is knowledge

based on research. High knowledge of working together (collaboration) to distinguish between right and wrong in

every situation.  higher than a scholar’s degree.