Burmese traditional Bread and soup

smell of fish Fish flavored bread is good. However, since I want to create a vegetarian version, this recipe offers a substitute that highlights the aroma of soy sauce without being too pungent.

► Ingredients (for 1 pound of bread)

♦ Boiled chickpeas – half a cup (soaked in water overnight and boiled in the morning. Do not discard the bean broth, strain and mash the pulp)

♦ Cooked rice flour steamed rice bowl – 4 pieces 3 pieces (soak in warm water)

♦ Boiling water – 5 liters

♦ Small Onion Eggs – 20 (keep them in pieces)

♦ Artificial meat – about 20 pieces (chopped)

♦ Oil – 3 tablespoons

♦ Chin – 1 joint (knead)

♦ The inner flesh of lemongrass – 1 stick (must)

♦ Garlic – 10 cloves (crushed)

♦ Turmeric powder – a little

♦ Roasted peanuts – half a cup of steamed rice (don’t mash it)

♦ Soy sauce – 5 tablespoons

♦ Salt – 1 teaspoon

♦ White pepper powder – a little

► Steps to make

1. Soak the bean broth in hot water and add the puffed rice cakes and boil. Add onions and minced meat.

2. To heat the oil, heat the oil pot over low heat and add the lemongrass first and stir. Add garlic and stir. Add turmeric powder and stir.

3. Add crushed peanuts. Use the least amount of oil and stir carefully so that the pot does not stick.

4. If the stuffing becomes dry, put it on high heat for a while and stir in the soy sauce. Before the steam dies, put all the fillings that have been cooked in oil into the pot that has been boiled in soy sauce. Bring to a boil and add the crushed beans.

5. salt Add pepper powder as needed and prepare and use.

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