Control your desire to open up

Whenever you face difficulties in life, every time you face problems, every time you experience discomfort, you want to open up to many people and control your desire to explain. In other words, whether it’s okay or not, no matter what happens, don’t open up to anyone. Just keep to yourself.

Control your urge to explain. Some of them said that if they open up about their problems to close friends, they feel better. I feel like I’m light. This would be his opinion.

The reality is not what it seems. Don’t think that when you open up about your sins and sins, they pretend to be innocent and show their heads that they are really sincere and sincere.

Some people often pretend to be sorry or compassionate about their uncomfortable confessions in front of you. If you talk about your comforts, they treat you with a pretend smile as if you are happy.

In real life, most people show good things in front of themselves, but behind their backs, they tend to criticize and criticize their own badness.

There are many happy people who are happy with their discomfort. If it’s convenient for you, you can add chicken and rice to the pot
They speak with prejudice. There are more people in the world who don’t need salt than those who will add medicine to their own wounds. Is this just a natural phenomenon in the world?

So don’t trust anyone except your parents. If you have the habit of being gullible, get rid of it. Whether it’s a lover, a best friend, a close friend, or a close friend, they’re sweet when they’re needed, and bitter when they’re no longer needed.

When it’s good, they’ll stay together, when it’s bad, they’ll separate. If I meet someone who is better than me, I will not be able to fit them. They only threw a bunch of garbage. There is no need for anyone to ignore every problem in the world. No need to be completely open.

There is no need to brag about being happy with the good things. Just keep whispering to yourself. Today we know that you can die by killing a confidant.

From the back and directly in front of the common people, they dare to thrust several swords into the face without mercy. So, no matter what the good or bad of the world, no matter what things you encounter, be willing to explain, willing to open up, willing to tell, control your willingness to confide as much as possible. Control yourself, my friend.