“Earn money, save it, use it, don’t waste it”

The moment you think you’re going to have money is like buying a ticket to start a journey. The world can be more convenient if there is money. See it in the family. Who can make money is more important. Look among friends. A person with money is more human.

Look at any social organization. He who has more money has more things. This is happening in many percent of the world. Either way you have to make money. Must save money.

When you have money, you can do most, if not all, of the things you want to say, the things you want to say, the things you want to do for the people you love.

“Friendship is more important” Yes, many people prefer money. “Honesty is more important” Yes, most people don’t dare to talk about money even if they are not honest.

“Education is more important” Yes, in an age where you can get an education only if you have money, you can buy the pot of wisdom only if you have money. “Morality is the most important” Yes, if people with bad morals have money, the truth is too slow to come.

“Love Matters” Yes, the funniest joke ever.

Like all people, if you don’t have money, you see it as ugly. If you don’t have money, you think it stinks. If you don’t have money, you see it as whole.

But that’s it… No matter which way you think, from which side you think, if you have money, everything will be fine. If you spend ten thousand times, it is one hundred thousand. One hundred thousand times ten is 10 thousand. We have spent a lot.

I used to buy things I didn’t need. I used to eat a lot. I used to buy and wear things that are not worth it. If not, I used to borrow it and be happy. They used to boast and donate without samadhi. They used to be sick and exhausted.

In time, we had nothing left. I didn’t get the most useful award either. I didn’t get the best prize. He was also famous for being the best dressed in the world.

Only those who use their proper place, spend where they should, spend where they shouldn’t waste, but who collect properly and go to work, become rich and famous.

What do we get for what we spend? So… let’s start saving before it’s too late, shall we? Now… Friend, put the bills you were about to spend back in your bag.