How Adele lost 100 pounds

33-year-old singer Adele talked about her weight-loss journey in an interview with Oprah.

“The main thing is exercise. By exercising regularly, both mind and body I was healthy and strong.”

Adele lost 100 pounds in 2 years. Let’s see what tips he has.

Adele’s daily routine includes weightlifting and circuit training. He also got professional advice from gym trainers. In fact, he said in an interview that he has been exercising regularly for 3 years.

During the stay at home during covid , he exercises 3 times a day. I lift weights in the morning. In the afternoon, I either box or go hiking. Adele revealed that she does cardio exercises at night to lose weight. That’s why I lost more than 100 pounds, but my skin is compact.

Adele’s favorite exercise is deadlifting. He said that he went from 10 pounds to 170 pounds. His goal was not to lose weight, but to strengthen his mind and body.

He didn’t avoid losing weight instead. He also said that he eats even more instead of avoiding it because he does vigorous sports.

Now, Adele is not only healthy, but also addicted to regular exercise. Be inspired by Adele’s beautiful pictures.