How to cook coconut milk and wheat seeds

I present the little coconut milk Thargu Pyin to eat with the family.

Ingredients Wheat – 12 1/2 shekels Sugar – 30 shekels Thagu seeds – 20 shekels Coconuts – 3 sheaves Salt – A little water – 4 cans of condensed milk

How to make bottom layer 1. Bring 4 cans of condensed water to a boil.

2. Sift/sieve the thagu seeds and boil them in hot boiling water.

3. While stirring occasionally, add 10 kyats of sugar to the remaining half of the thagu seeds.

4. Turn off the flame after 5 minutes while the sugar dissolves. Cover the lid of the pot and pour the rest of the Thagu eyes into the bread tray as the bottom layer. The top layer

5. 6 cans of coconut milk or wheat, Add sugar (20 kyats) and salt, stir and sieve.

6. After 10 minutes of pouring the bottom layer, slowly pour the top layer.

7. Top heat 230 degrees Fahrenheit; Place in the oven at 20 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 45 minutes.