If you want to see into a person’s mind, try these things

If you want to see into a person’s mind, try these things

If someone appears who thinks it’s for life, try asking these questions…

Here are some questions that will help you know the minds of your friends and colleagues.

There are no definite answers to the questions. It may vary depending on the people who answer. And answering “yes” or “no” is not convenient. Let me advise you not to ask these questions to people you don’t want to disappoint.

Would you open the envelope written on your dying day… This question can reveal a person’s attitude towards death and how they view life in general.

Will you make friends again… With this question, a person’s self-esteem, You can see their strengths and weaknesses and how interesting they are.

If there was a thing on a person’s head that could measure everything, what would you use it to measure…for example their wealth, happiness Social relations and so on? A person’s value and his priority can be known from this kiss.

What would you do differently from other people… From this question, a person’s self-esteem, Their sense of humor A degree of insanity and unique intuitions can be discerned.

If by chance your partner will never know that you cheated, would you tell him or her… This question can tell you about a person’s mental state and their attitude towards people.

Do you feel like you’re going through 100 times like today…

By looking at the answer, you can see how a person lives and whether or not their life is meaningful.

If men and women were living separately on two different planets, what do you think would happen in those planets… From this question you can see a person’s thinking style or how logical they can think.

If you commit a crime to feed your hungry children or family members, do you consider yourself a bad person… or do you consider yourself to be committing a crime out of necessity…

This question can tell a person’s state of mind and their attitude towards their family.

If money was happiness, what job do you think you would be doing… From this question, a person’s expectations, They can see their dreams and what they need in life.

In addition to the questions listed here, you can also ask other questions. These types of questions can be asked for fun or if you want to know a person’s attitude.