Importance of language awareness

In the book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” written by American psychologist Howard Gardner, the subject of verbal-linguistic intelligence is one of the 8 intelligences.

Theories of multiple intelligences suggest that a person is highly skilled in one particular skill but weak in other areas. for example, communication A person who excels in the areas of cooperation and music may be weak in physical development.

Intelligence plays an important role in the development of each human being, and the most important intelligence is linguistic intelligence.

Characteristics of linguistic intelligence

People who are gifted with language usually like to write and express what is on their mind. They are detailed and easy to understand in grammatical terms. They are also experts in terminology. Also, they are constantly looking to improve their knowledge and read their favorite books.

Language majors like to play word matching games like Scrabble and Crosswords. I also like to make songs. They have great memories and details. Quotes help me remember. They are always looking for new knowledge and eager to learn new languages. Also, they are good communicators and are good at explaining things to others. Analysis can be done without difficulty.

Benefits of Linguistic Intelligence

One of the main strengths of this intelligence is the ability to communicate easily. Being able to communicate well with the people around you is one of the keys to being lovable. Verbal linguistic intelligence is a valuable tool in language learning. When learning a new language, the ways of using that language, order of word and phrase usage; the meanings of a word; In addition to technical uses, Associated uses must also be widely used; Therefore, having awareness about this language is very useful.

When it comes to reading or learning foreign languages, the same usage of a word; You can find the differences easily and it will strengthen your analytical skills.