No matter how much you like pork, 5 parts you should absolutely not eat

No matter how much you like pork, 5 parts you should absolutely not eat

The fruit is mango, The meat is pork. As the saying goes, pork is one of the most delicious meats that the Luo eat every day. However,  5 parts of pork can be dangerous to people’s health, so experts urge people to avoid them if possible.Pigs can be eaten from head to tail, but the 5 parts that should be avoided or eaten with caution are

1. Pig blood

Pig blood is at the top of the list of iron-rich foods. It is useful if it is produced from a healthy pig

But pig blood produced from pigs that have died of disease or that is not fresh is dangerous.

Pig blood contains many toxins, so it is not dangerous if it is properly cooked and eaten, but if it is not cooked or eaten raw, it is very dangerous.

In 2017, in Vietnam, 9 patients who suffered from the destruction of organs and cells in the human body, known as necrosis, died, and some lost their limbs.

There were cases of cutting, These people were consuming pig blood produced from diseased pigs, so much so that doctors warned the public to avoid it.

2. Pig liver

The liver is where toxins are stored. Pig liver contains high amounts of cholesterol and iron.

If you think that you eat pork liver regularly to get full nutrition, then this idea is wrong.

It’s not from pig’s liver, it’s the same animal liver, so you shouldn’t eat too much of it.

The liver’s job is to remove toxins from the body.

In addition to the various poisons in the liver, due to heavy metals and bacteria, if you eat regularly, the risk of internal bowel cancer is high in the long run.

It is easier for the elderly and people with weak blood vessels to become toxic.

Normally healthy people should not eat a lot of liver. Consume only enough to provide the necessary nutrition for yourself.

3. Pig lungs

A pig’s lungs contain a lot of bacteria and dirt.

The lungs are responsible for ventilation, so usually the pig’s nose is in contact with the ground, and it is also the part where dirt is inhaled every day.

Elderly people and people with chronic diseases should not eat pork belly, and people in good health should not eat a lot.

4. Screw

Honestly, the screw is the dirtiest part. It is a storage place for pig excrement and undigested food.

That’s why the screw is a happy place for sixteen thousand bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

5. Pig brain

There is a misconception that many people and mothers have. If you eat pig brain, your brain is good.

The idea that there is power. If we feed our children more pig brains with this idea, it will be wrong.

Actually, eating pig brain does not support the human brain as people think.