Things you should not forget

(1) (2) There are irreplaceable losses. Time with parents.

(2) Human dignity is work.

(3) The mouth that makes excuses is often hungry.

(4) The more you say you shouldn’t do it, don’t do it

(5) Slowness doesn’t matter. It is important not to stop.

(6) You can’t get as much as you want, but you can get as much as you want.

(7) Forgetting is being disrespectful. Fear is not true.

(8) I don’t want opportunities without working.

(9) Don’t be jealous, The person who does it must have a place.

(10) A person’s behavior is his destiny.

(11) If the character is good, the background is clear.

(12) Do it without asking. They are forcing me.

(13) Have hope. Life is the best thing to live.

(14) When you smile, smile instead of smiling.

(15) Do not take it lightly because there are no small groups in the theory of life.

(16) If you have faith, you will have the courage to face everything.

(17) Even if you do it without thinking, it will happen only once in a hundred times.

(18) It is better not to put a drop of water in the glass.

(19) As long as you keep talking about karma, you will not be wise.

(20) Charity is the source of merit.

(21) The best way to eradicate doubt is absolute faith.

(22) If you sympathize, you are a fool.

(23) Fate can even change a person’s mood.

(24) The person who sits and waits is wasting time because the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

(25) Everyone is not free from mistakes, but they should not make mistakes once in a while.

(26) Life is education and society is school.

(27) Prosperity near trouble.

(28) Life is high, but don’t dream high.

(29) If honesty is affected, the weapon of pride will be used.

(30) Life is something that cannot be lived as a test.

(31) Among the damages, the biggest loss is emotional damage.

(32) Don’t be proud of dying for love.

(33) As long as there is understanding, love will continue to exist.

(34) In the field of relationships, a smile is the most basic thing.

(35) There is always a mistake behind anger.