2023 and Myanmar

When is a Tornado? It is hard to predict where it will happen. In Japan, tornadoes are most common in September and October. So, if a tornado hits, we will learn how to protect ourselves.

The most important thing is to evacuate as soon as possible. Stay in a place like a strong building. When a tornado hits near you, you only have a few minutes to escape. Note that in some situations you only have a few seconds to dodge.

There will be no time to think about where to run. Therefore, it is important to know what you can do to protect yourself before it happens. • If a tornado hits while you are at home, close the windows and doors to prevent the wind from breaking.

Close the blinds. Stay away from windows and protect your head with something. Don’t stay on upper floors because tornadoes can blow away roofs. During a tornado, the first floor of a house is safer than the second floor.

You need to know that the basement is the safest place than the first floor. If your home doesn’t have a basement, you may be hiding in a toilet or bathroom with few vents.

offices, schools, When in public buildings or stores, in offices and schools, always carry a work hat that can protect your head. If you are inside a building when a tornado hits, take shelter in a basement or in a room that goes down an emergency staircase or in a ventilated area.

When you are in the car, park the car in a place where there is no traffic. Take shelter as soon as possible in a building that is solidly built using nails and concrete. • If you’re outside, the tornado can move as fast as cars, so you won’t be able to escape on your feet.

Poles that can easily fall when the wind blows. pylons, Don’t stay near trees. Stay away. Take shelter in a strong building. This information is 2022, Information received on October 12.