2023 will be faced…7feb

May Thingyan Hein, a fortune teller who warned of (3) calamities to be faced in 2023

Dear ones, I don’t want to write this letter, but I have to write it. I don’t want to be afraid,

This is not a year to be careless, so please be careful.

Loved ones will have to face 3 disasters in 2023, so please live wisely as loved ones.

During the year 2023

(1) Disaster (unable to control the spread of the disease, many people are infected with the disease, and many people and animals may die)

(2) War disaster (may experience many deaths, being burned, being bombed, houses being destroyed, and farmland being destroyed)

(3) Natural disaster (flood, wind, land, fire)

(4) In addition, we may face unstable currency prices, food shortages, medicine shortages, and excessive inflation of the Myanmar currency.

(5) In addition, crime may also be encountered.

After October 2023, we see that war and disease can end.

It can be seen that Myanmar’s recovery process can only begin near the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

What I would like to suggest is that life is not waiting for luck.

Since life is guarded by the mind, I strongly recommend and encourage those who love me to live a long and healthy life.

What I would like to recommend is (1) avoid crowds as much as possible.

(2) Please live wisely so as not to get infected. Lack of medicine.

(3) There are also financial problems and food shortages, so use money sparingly. Be careful not to overspend.

(4) If you have more than you have, share and help those who really need it. Donate to places that really need it and do charity.

(5) Maintain morality.

(6) Give me devotion. I would especially like to urge you to cultivate love.

May all your loved ones be healthy, prosperous and safe.

Teacher May Thingyan Hein