5 signs you will know if the spirits are watching over you…

5 signs you will know if the spirits are watching over you…

Some people are, shall we say, born with their destiny. Can I just say it’s special? (For various reasons) I am always protected by the gods.

There are (5) things that will let you know that you are protected by good spirits.

If you are constantly experiencing these little things, then you are being watched over by unseen gods.

(1) A feather fell

If there is a feather near you, Or if it falls on you, it is a symbol of good spirits.

I want to tell you that they are always by your side and that they love you. It is stated that it did not start.

Especially the living room, which is not a conventional place. If you find it in small places like the bedroom, it is even more certain.

(2) 11:11 p.m

Have you seen 11:11 often? This is the number of good spirits.

If you find this number, you will definitely be lucky. Read about 11:11 here.

(3) Cloud shapes

If you casually look up at the sky and see unusual cloud formations, it may be telling you to take action.

For example, if you see a small image of a liver, you will be lucky in terms of love. Or something that should be done.

(4) Fragrance

Good spirits often signal with sweet scents. For example, the scent of flowers or something appetizing like the smell of chocolate.

They let you know they are watching over you with their sweet scent.

Also, like the smell of perfume, They love you because of the fragrance. It is showing that it is kept.

(5) Feelings

Even if you are alone, you will always feel like you have a companion by your side.

You’ll feel safe and spontaneous. Clear mind and mental strength will be gained through everything you see.

Then it means that the gods are encouraging and loving you.

With respect to the original author