A tattoo artist with 8 wives

There are strange men in the world who take many women. But the Thai tattoo artist has 8 women in the same house, and all of them are part of the same body and love each other. It is a rare phenomenon.

I posted a video about it on YouTube. All women agree that their husbands love them with true love.

Among the men we have seen, he is the kindest and most caring man,” they even said. Soros met his first wife at a friend’s wedding. They became friends and soon got married.

The second woman was found in the market and the third woman was found in the hospital. the 4th The 5th and 6th were taken on social media.

They met the 7th woman at Phra Phathon Chidi Pagoda and got married amicably. It didn’t stop there, I went on a trip to Pattara beach with a bunch of women and got the 8th woman.

His wife allowed him to get married. He has a wife and a child, and 2 other women are pregnant.

According to Soro’s wife, nothing is impossible. They have mutual respect for each other. They also bear family responsibilities.

REF: world of buzz, Photo: world of buzz