Here’s how to make faluda

Here’s how to make faluda to eat in the hot summer weather. Faluda is made Indian style. In India, it grows into Faluda, read smile Taku seeds cow’s milk Add sugar syrup.

I have shared how to make traditional faluda. Let’s make a cool faluda in the hot weather…Ingredients

* Cow’s milk: 4 cups (800 ml) * Bread flour – 1 cup Red jelly – ½ cup (cut into small pieces)*Yellow jelly – ½ cup (cut into small pieces)

Green or purple jelly – half a cup (chopped into small pieces) *Thaku seeds – 1 cup *Raw milk or condensed milk – 5 tablespoons

Pudding – 2 pieces *Vanilla ice cream – 1 box Red sugar syrup Ingredients Red dye liquid – 1/2 teaspoon *Sugar – 6 tablespoons *Water – 3 tablespoons Preparation method

1. First, add half of the water to the pan to prepare the taku. When the water boils, add the taku seeds and stir. 2. Thaku must be stirred with moderate fire so that the thaku does not stick.

3. When the center of the thaku seeds disappear, turn off the heat, pour in about 4 drops of red dye solution and stir.

4. If the thaku seeds turn red, strain them again and add them to the bowl.

5. After that, mix the ingredients for the sugar syrup (red dye solution, sugar, water) until the sugar dissolves.

6. Add 800 milliliters of cow’s milk to the pan and let it simmer for about 20 minutes until half of the milk has evaporated.

Or boil the milk and add the glue powder (1 teaspoon) mixed with water. If the milk is a little thick, turn off the flame. After that, the milk is temporarily cooled to room temperature and put in the bottom of the refrigerator

Let it cool. How to make faluda

1. First, put red sugar syrup (2 tablespoons) into a tall glass.

2. After that, add bread crumbs (1 tablespoon, colored jelly (1 tablespoon each), thaku), pudding (half a cube), and milk (half a cup) on top.

3. Finally, put the ice cream (1 Scoop) on top. Add raw milk or raw milk (2 tablespoons). 4. Mix everything together a little and you can enjoy the delicious cold faluda…