How to use water to release heat from the body

How to bathe and shampoo to relieve heat

Master wanted to tell me what to do to stop the heat. I want to say use water properly. What does water quench? It extinguishes the heat. I want to say don’t underestimate the water.

A word that the master said in the old days, now answering these questions, I learned to value it more. These words. Heh .. I said that I just drowned in shallow water. Drowning in shallow water is actually an understatement. Drowning in shallow water, how can you die? For example, you can’t die if you drown in four inches of shallow water, which is about six inches.

The essence of what I want to say is that you don’t use the water in your house properly. I don’t drink regularly. I don’t break properly. So don’t underestimate the value of free water. Don’t underestimate the value. I would like to say that it is useful.

I want to tell you how to use it. This one… “If you don’t know, it’s wide. It’s easy if you know. The person who did not know passed, Those who know will reveal it.” I would like to refer to this. “There is no medicine except water.” If you ask how to use that water, I will tell you how to bathe.

I will swallow the water in my mouth before taking a bath. I will spit it out. What do you think will be included? It will be hot. Then put some water in the palm of your hand. I will hold my eyes in the palm of my hand. I closed it and opened it. The heat from the eyes will go away. Both heat and Dirt and dust will go with it.

If you feel sure, take a sip of water and spit it out somewhere on your arm. A little hot. Where does that come from… in the mouth? Then, doing something like this, Daw Htwe Kyi’s youth can’t stand it, is there any reason to make it worse? Surely it can be cured? It will heal.