Indonesia’s Foreign Minister will be the Myanmar-ASEAN special envoy

The ASEAN Special Envoy Office has been opened to resolve the Myanmar crisis. Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, who holds the role of rotating chairman of ASEAN, said that he will lead by himself.

During his tenure as ASEAN Special Envoy, Reno Masudi added that Myanmar will try to engage in dialogue with all stakeholders in his New Year’s speech yesterday.

He also promised that Indonesia will do everything possible to help Myanmar get out of the political problem.

Since national-level dialogue is important to solve the problem, I also request the ASEAN Secretary General to meet with all stakeholders in Myanmar.

Reno Masudi also pointed out that the Military Council has not yet implemented the five common agreements adopted by ASEAN regarding the Myanmar issue.

Renom Masudi also said that ASEAN’s unity cannot be held hostage because of the Myanmar issue.