Let’s cook until the fish bones are soft


It’s very easy to combine with a pot

Cut as much as you need. After washing and cleaning, add salt, turmeric and blue juice, squeeze the juice of the dried fruit, and marinate it.

In the pot to be combined, cut the zaplin and put it on a flat plate.

Spread the five tomatoes carefully and place the fish on top. Add water little by little and mix it. If the water dries up, just add the fish.

When you add water, don’t pour it on top of the fish.. Pour it gently from the side. Add it four times and when the water dries up, the bones are tender enough.

Add the onion and eggs. Add more water and bring to a boil. Check if the bones are soft. If the bones are soft enough, heat the oil in a pan.

Grind about four pods and fry them in oil. If you kill oil, add a little water and kill it. The taste is better as well.

Then let it cool and put it in the pot as much as the fish. If you come back to the water kham, you can enjoy it deliciously.

The time is between (2) and (4) hours.

Credit to Thura Zin