Let’s eat home-fried fried noodles

I thought of eating Chinese-style fried noodles. My father and mother also love fried noodles, so this time I will fry them myself. Let me tell you how to make home-fried Chinese noodles while frying them for the family.


1 bunch of noodles (when cooked and soft, drain, rinse with cold water and drain)
1 set of chicken liver (boiled and sliced)
1 cabbage (chopped)
1 carrot (sliced)
5 kyats of gold beans (cut into two pieces if large)

5 broad beans (sliced)
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
Half a teaspoon of sugar
Half a teaspoon of salt
1 and a half teaspoons of chicken powder
5 kyats of oil
2 eggs (boiled)

1/2 cup (125 milliliters) chicken stock
A pinch of black pepper
245 grams of chicken (boiled and cut into small pieces)
3 tablespoons of oil (for frying eggs)

How to cook

Add a little oil to a moderately heated pan, add two hard-boiled eggs and fry them, then set aside.

Heat 5 kyats of oil and fry the garlic first. Then add the diced chicken and chicken liver root. Add half a teaspoon of chicken powder and pepper and fry for a while.

Then put the sliced ​​cabbage into the pot. carrot, Add the gold beans and bok choy, add soy sauce, sugar, salt, and 1 teaspoon of chicken powder and stir-fry until the green smell disappears.

When the vegetables become fragrant, add the boiled noodles. Mix well with vegetables. Pour the chicken broth and continue to fry.

After about 3 minutes, take it out of the pot, cut the fried egg, sprinkle it on top of the fried noodles, and you can enjoy the delicious Chinese fried noodles.