Maine, who won a car worth more than $4,000 from a box containing random gifts purchased

Pimrypie, a kind-hearted Thai YouTube celebrity who rose to fame through her videos focusing on assisting those in need throughout Thailand, won a car worth more than $4,000.

Because of her charming and hospitable nature, it is unquestionable that those who purchase her merchandise are occasionally in for a surprise.

A brand-new car was recently given to a Thai woman who purchased a random gift box from Pimrypie.

The story of Patcha Mariasi, who won a Suzuki car from Pimrypie’s random gift box, went viral on social media on December 1, 2021, following its Facebook virality.

The incident occurred shortly after Patcha went live on Facebook that day with a friend to review the random items in a gift box she purchased from Pimrypie.

Her friend discovered a small box with a yellow ribbon while she was showing the audience all of her gifts.

After that, Patcha excitedly opened the box and discovered a card from Pimrypie and a car key. She couldn’t contain her happiness.

Pimrypie’s assistant informed her that she had won the substantial prize after she called the card number. What she was about to get, on the other hand, was beyond her wildest expectations.

Patcha was eagerly awaiting her prize, and she had no idea that she would win a Suzuki Swift.

After that, Pimrypie’s assistant surprised and delighted Lucky Patcha by giving her a red car with a red ribbon. Patcha took a picture with her new car and was presented with a bouquet of congratulations.

However, users became concerned about the incident, with some questioning whether Pimrypie and Patcha had created this “gift” together to promote random gift boxes.

Fortunately, Patcha posted on her Facebook page that Pimrypie did not hire her to promote some random gift box and that what had occurred was not the result of a conspiracy.

Numerous internet users commented on the story and expressed an interest in purchasing the random gift box after the story went viral with over 271 thousand views and over 1.2 thousand comments.
A netizen also thought it was very surprising to get a car worth 150,000 yen (4,431.25 USD).