More than 1,000 people died in Bangladesh in 2022 due to work-related incidents

Occupational accidents in Bangladesh in 2022 workplace violence; The regional development organization said on January 2 that there were no less than 1,034 deaths and 1,037 other injuries due to traffic accidents and labor rights violations.

Among the work-related deaths, 118 were from the construction sector. 112 from the agriculture sector and 499 from the transportation sector. Also, the number of worker deaths in the workplace compared to the last two years According to the data of the Bangladesh Labor Studies Association (BILS), there is a slight decrease in the number of workers. In Bangladesh, the number of work-related deaths in 2021 was 1,053.

weak labor inspection; The organization said the lack of health and safety training among workers and lack of adequate wages are the main reasons for the continued occurrence of workplace-related incidents and labor unrest in the country.

Ref: Xinhua