People who don’t have electricity can use plastic boxes to light a fire

People who don’t have electricity can use plastic boxes to light a fire

A way to light a fire using small plastic boxes for families in need of electricity

A group called The Liter of Light came up with the idea.

This group has brought light and joy to thousands of people.

Members of The Liter of Light have worked to end the need for energy.

The Liter of Light group was established in 2011 by Myshelter Foundation in the Philippines.

Illac Diaz, the group’s founder, worked as a communications manager.

In the region where he worked, Diaz saw the plight of families after the storms and was shocked.

Diaz came up with the idea that families affected by the storm should be able to get light at a lower price.

Diaz quit his job and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study urban planning and architecture.

Diaz learned the technology of making light from plastic cans, invented in 2002 by Brazilian industrialist Alfredo Moser.

Over the years, their group’s activities have expanded to 15 countries.

The materials needed to get light using solar energy are simple.

– A plastic bottle

– water

– A steel rod that conducts electricity

– Bleach

– Sunlight.

A vase filled with bleach is covered with plastic wrap.

The water in the plastic bottle is refracted by sunlight and radiates light into the environment.

The light produced is equivalent to the light of a 50 watt light bulb. Battery light bulbs for areas that don’t have electricity.

solar energy lamp; LED lamps were developed by The Liter of Light team.

Next is PVC pipe for street lights. Using bamboo joints to make a lamp.

Now 350,000 people have electricity.

The Liter of Light team continues to learn the techniques and for people all over the world

We are handing out ways to light up with a plastic box. People are interested in their activities.

“When you teach people how to make a light bulb with solar energy, they can make 3 street lights,” Diaz says.

To light an entire village using plastic cans, one person only needs to produce 3 to 5 watts.

The Liter of Light group’s activities are making the families happy. Credit