The agency confirmed that handsome Korean actor Lee Jung-soo and actress and singer IU are dating

Dispatch, which always exposes the stories of famous celebrity couples who are secretly dating, has revealed a news that surprised the audience just hours before the New Year.

Dispatch’s New Year’s Couple 2023 announced South Korean celebrity Sally IU and actor Lee Jong-soo as a couple. Hours later, the actor’s agency HighZium Studio officially confirmed that the actor is dating IU.

“The two of them have recently become lovers from friendships. Now they maintain a serious relationship. Please encourage them to continue to maintain the beautiful romantic relationship between the actor and the singer.”

It is also said that they visited Japan together and spent time together. Singer, actress IU and actor Lee Jong-soo had a three-day winter vacation together in Nagoya, Japan.

It has also been reported that the two have been taking care of their relationship since before leaving for a vacation in Japan. They left for Osaka, and IU left for Nagoya on December 24th.

It is also reported that after the trip to meet fans, Tolee Joong-soo went to Nagoya with IU’s brother. The actor did not inform anyone and did not even tell his manager, so he traveled to Japan and booked a hotel by himself.

Dispatch said that they also asked for a pick-up service with some photos in the news release. After that vacation, the two sons returned from Japan separately.