The secret of the art of cooking

Secrets of the art of cooking (useful and practical knowledge for housewives)

The secrets of cooking that will make it easy to not lose the taste but also the health nutrients have been collected and revealed.

1. Vinegar

Just adding a drop or two of vinegar while cooking can make the rice taste more fragrant and prevent the rice from becoming stale in very hot weather.

2. beer

You don’t have to worry when the old rice goes stale and the smell and taste when cooking is not as good as the new rice. Add only a small amount of beer when the old rice is cooked. You will get rice that is fragrant and fragrant.

3. Peanut oil

When cooking, add a little salt and a little peanut oil and stir. You will get mouth-watering rice without spilling the rice.

4. Salt

By adding a little salt to reheat the remaining rice, it will remove the bad smell and also make the rice soft.

5. rice wine White alcohol

If you add three or four drops of alcohol while frying the rice, you will get the taste of Nat Suddhapama rice. If the rice is half-cooked and not half-cooked, adding 2 tablespoons of rice wine and warming it will completely cook the rice.

6. Cold water

When cooking rice, if you cook it in cold water, you will fully get the vitamin B1 contained in the rice.

7. leek

If the rice is dug, put a scallion in the middle of the rice and cover it for a while. The smell of digging will disappear.

8. Green tea

Add the green water to the cooker and cook as usual. The resulting rice is not only full of flavor but also very nutritious.

9. Olive oil

If you add a little olive oil while cooking, you can control the increase in sugar in the rice and it will not cause stomach upset. It is especially suitable for diabetics.