A chance to own a big house in Pyin Oo Lwin for more than ten thousand Burmese money

The fantastic opportunity to acquire a substantial residence in Pyin Oo Lwin for more than ten thousand Burmese

won was mentioned to me by the actor Mo Peng Peng Maung.

The well known entertainer Moe Kyinpene Maung is an entertainer who has been fruitful in the field of

workmanship and has gotten the help of fans. Today, Moe Pene is discussing the significance of owning a home with just over $10,000.

the chance to acquire a stunning love residence in Moe Peng Peng Mee for 16,000 kyats. Let’s fulfill the great dream. What city is the first place people go when winter starts like this?

Naturally, Pyin U Lwin, a warm cup of coffee, a small cloth, a variety of farm crops and flowers, as well as the wild sunflowers blooming on the side of the road, is the city everyone wants to go to when the winter breeze is blowing like this.
In such a stunning Pyin U Lwin, everyone longs to own their very own farm and house. If you can fulfill that wish using only 16,000 kyats, you will receive a ticket to win a house by purchasing a painting valued at 16,000 kyats from TT Love House. Creditmdatenews