A large number of people come and pray to the Thai pop star’s collected skins for good luck and bribes.

A lot of people come to pray to the skins that the Thai pop star has collected in exchange for bribes and luck.

A well-known former Thai pop star is now running a business collecting facial skins from people, and his work is

said to be popular with people. He previously had a record-breaking music career.

Among their community, Jakkapong Jill Karnsomphot Jack-Jill is pictured with her twin brother Jakkaphan Jack Karnsomphot.

He used to be in the business of collecting dried facial skin peels from well-known deceased individuals.
This week, videos of Jack-Jill raising six dead people from the dead have surfaced. She has been out of the music business for a number of years.

It is becoming increasingly popular among netizens, and interest is growing. In addition, the two brothers revealed

to the media that they have started a business selling and purchasing powerful amulets from Thailand.

In 2009, he received 20 human face skins from a mysterious 91-year-old man named Paw in the central Thai city of Ayutthaya.
According to Jack-Jill, each facial skin is regarded as sacred and can bring prosperity to those who pray for or possess it.
It is believed that some skins are more than 100 years old.
Because of this, it is crowded with people who came to pray to the former Thai star musician, including many artists.
Jack-Jill stated that they are also believed by the Thai drama and film community to escape bad luck and bribery.
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