About Canary. Interesting information

Many canaries live in homes, just like parrots. They sound clear and have a bright color.
The Canary Islands are home to domestic canaries; from the ditches on Madeira and the Azores.
The canary was domesticated by humans in the fifth century, and as a result, birds’ vocal systems underwent significant changes. They are the only domesticated animal species that can alter their voice at this time.
Canary can differentiate between sound waves; Did you know that it is recalled from memory and memorized? The bird is able to sing accurately as a result.
It is said that miners bring canaries into the mine as a way to check the oxygen level. The miners used ordinary wild birds because canaries were too expensive for these purposes (see interesting facts about birds).
Canary can fly along a path.
There are over 120 Canadian species worldwide today.
Canaries can live up to 15 years at home.
Canary singing competitions are held annually in Europe, which is an interesting fact.
In the second half of the 16th century, Italy brought Canary to the Russian Empire for the first time.
In Imperial Russia, these canary breeding centers operated.
Scientists have recently conducted research that suggests Canary has a beneficial effect on the human mind.
The informer who sings to the police is represented by the Canary in the world of crime.
The Russian Canary Support Fund is one of Moscow’s three Canary Clubs.
Canaries have a propensity to stack their cells on top of one another if you keep a lot of them in your home. If you don’t, the birds will start to talk to each other and stop singing.
Canaries were initially only available for purchase in Spain (see interesting facts about Spain), and the Spaniards carefully concealed the bird’s natural habitat. In order to stop foreigners from breeding canaries, they only sold males abroad.
A once-competitive canary can now cost more than a horse rider.
Nicoline 2 adores Canary singing very much.
Famous people like Turgenev, Glinka, Bunin, Chaliapin, and others adore the Russian Canary.