An honest person who delivered the 600,000 money left on the car to the house

An honest person who delivered the 600,000 dollars that were left on the car to the house.

At 12 o’clock in the afternoon, my mother and I hired a taxi to take my mother to the hospital. On the way from

home to Central Hospital, I left my mother’s wallet in the car—the phone was in my hand, and the wallet fell on my

lap and into the car.

She must bring all documents, folders, X-rays, etc. because my mother has to go to the hospital next week. As a

result, she carries a lot, and she didn’t want to hold the wallet, so she left it in the car. The bag contained approximately 600,000 cash.

I immediately read namaz and prayed to Allah; sisters make dua and pray for the return of the halal money of the

widow’s mother; I don’t think I will get it back. She almost wept when she lost it from her hand.

I found the home address from the copy of my mother’s registration in the bag and brought it to her… The owner

showed me the clinic, and he came with sympathy for how much the rest of the family was looking for. About two hours after my mother arrived home, the driver uncle returned my bag.
I truly value and respect you, uncle. I am so appreciative that I am required to pay at least 100,000 yen as a tribute.

Most of the time, I don’t take a picture—even a photographer is required to do so—and I feel ashamed. How can you honor people in this day and age if you don’t do so?

The driver of Taxi Number We honor and record with respect the driver of BB 9882, U Lay Gyi, and Post Lay… (Uncle is at the gate in front of Royal Asia Hospital).