Consequences of offering water to God daily…

Consequences of offering water to God daily…
More than 60 years ago, there used to be two poor widowed mothers and sons in Moeta City.

My daughter is just over ten years old, and she can only afford to wear modest clothes.
I don’t know how to read.” Children his age have enough clothes, enough food, and a safe place, so he wants to be rich like other children.

So one day, I went up to the school of the abbot of Ywa U School, and when I saw the abbot, I started looking for him.”

“Lord, As much as the mother and son of your disciples are poor, others are rich. I want your disciples to be rich.
May the monk teach his disciples how to get rich.”

“There, the abbot called the little girl and opened the window on the upper floor of the school.
Looking out the window, I could see the great Irrawaddy River flowing past Mota City.

There, the abbot said, “My daughter… I asked if I would have to pay money to draw water from this river, but the girl said no.

My daughter.. I must draw as much water from this river as I can and always drink water from the statue of God in the house.
When it’s cold.. it’s like being close to the real God and donating with purpose… yes.. then my daughter will be rich one day”

From that day on, every time the little girl drank water, she would always drink water from the house. The good deeds he did in his whole life, he only had one good deed of drinking water.
The little girl’s life was not long. About 3 years later, she died of an illness.
Life was not as harsh as her age, and in her next life, she was reincarnated in the stomach of a great nun from Moeta City and became a nun’s daughter.
When the time comes to know one day, I remember my old life because I have the ability to remember my past life.
“I have become so rich thanks to the village head teacher. In order to thank the abbot, I have to go to the school.
They entered the school and saw the mother from the old life leaving the school.
When he came to the monk and found out about the background, he took the mother from his previous life to his house and started taking care of him.
As Thaye Mae grew older, she said, “Even if I donated a little water in my previous life, if I was so rich, the school pond, If only the gods donated, there would be nothing to say, so I donated.
Now…readers, don’t worry if you don’t get merit one day. Bring water, food and drink to the god in the house. They will benefit one day.