Deceased actor KK Moe Myint who told about the silent man thet (TV)

Actor KK Moe Myintha is suffering from cancer

(February 7th) at 9:25 pm, the art community reported that he had passed away.

The news that KK Moe Myint has passed away is not only among the art brothers and sisters

It is also a sad news for all her fans.

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KK Moe Myint has also said in media interviews that she suffered from cancer due to weight loss pills.

Now she has left the family she loves and the art world she loves forever.

She is also an actor who has a place in the art world.

She, who has done many films, suffered from cancer and was away from fans for a long time.

He has been fighting cancer for a long time and is trying to get back in front of the fans

I had to say goodbye to the art world and the audience.