He said that if the electricity supply is not correct next summer, there may be a water shortage in some Yangon townships

According to the Yangon Municipal Development Committee, if the electricity supply is not correct this summer, there may be water shortages in some townships, including the city’s townships, if the supply of electricity is not correct next summer. The reservoirs have sufficient water to supply water because there was more rain the previous rainy season.

He stated that there might be a shortage of water if the power went out. The amount of rain this year was higher than last year. There was no significant drop, and the lakes did not overflow. The lake’s water level was higher this

year than it was the previous year. Additionally, the Hlaing River Water Replenishment Project is now finished.
Water supply in the Bago River can also be improved. Summer won’t be a problem for you if you have regular

electricity. Every year, we work together with YESC to prioritize electric water pumps.
However, in the event of an emergency, it takes time to reach townships, particularly the main city; consequently, it would be preferable if residents of downtown townships and distant townships had access to a water storage system that could keep them hydrated for at least a day or two.”
An official from the Department of Engineering (Water and Sanitation) stated that the population of Yangon City will rise by three million people between 2014 and 2022. As a result, the Yangon Municipality is working to expand the storage capacity of water reservoirs to accommodate the expanding population.
According to the Yangon Municipal Development Committee, 33 townships in Yangon receive 232 million gallons of water each day.