How to calculate bad luck in the current life

How to determine bad luck in your current life I’d like to show you how to determine good luck and bad luck in your current life. To begin, multiply your own age by 7.

The following is your fortune in relation to the remaining food you can consume.

(1) Remainder You might have to move or change jobs, you might get gold, you might be upset about your equipment, you might have problems with your finances, you might have problems at home, or you might win the lottery. There must be a trip. must have training related to education.

Need friends’ assistance. Poor in education, but frequently concerned. Love can be difficult at times. Children feel better on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday, while the rest of the day they are a little weak.

(2) The remaining funds are eligible for international travel.

.Will be extremely efficientat work. can find decent housing. able to hear good news from afar. can converse with peers and teachers.lack financial stability. A year of confusion will ensue. Love is a curse. This year, education is poor. Sunday and Wednesday: Children are poor on Saturday and the rest of the day.

(3) The remaining person is assisted by friends and teachers. moves gold in and out. is defrauded of gold.

Becomes socially muddled. You will get a lot of money unexpectedly. Your subordinates will make you feel confused.
Love thrives, and home life and education prosper. Children have a lucky day on Mondays and Thursdays. The remaining days are awful.)

The remaining four business leaders typically exhibit anxiety. Foreigners should be avoided. be bullied by teachers frequently.
You can go on religious trips. Your relationship will be fine if you let go of your pride in your lover. There are competitions. Education is not very good.
(5) Final Payment You will receive gold. You will be able to do business if you are a god. Your subordinates will present you with gifts. Don’t be concerned about money.
This year, you shouldn’t go on a trip.  You won’t be well-educated. You won’t be close to your friends.
(6) Obtain assistance from teachers and parents. Often, progress in the business is delayed. This is a year to discuss and consider. Money is frequently stolen and lost. Don’t show off or wear shiny clothes this year. Love is absolutely awful. Good education exists.
(W) The rest of this year, you should be content, eat well, travel well, and not be concerned about money. Good schooling. will win gold frequently and has children. Concerned about love, yet love is beneficial.
Astrology by Mrs. May Boornmyat