How to eat nutritious food for little value when prices are so high

How to eat nutritious food for little value when prices are so high
These days we have to eat frugally, so I would like to advise you on how to eat nutritiously at a low cost…

1. Rice
More than modern sweet, I want to choose rice that is a little hard and has a taste like emtalo. Cooking it in water instead of boiling it saves rice.

2. If you boil the water, don’t throw out the congee, congee contains carbohydrates as well as some vitamins and minerals. In general, it has many nutritional values and benefits.

3. beans
It’s the most affordable for meat nutrition. It contains many vitamins and minerals. It’s the most suitable for the immune system right now.

4. Eggs
The price is quite cheap. Not as cheap as beans. But it’s rich in meat and full of nutrients. It won’t last long.

5. sweet potato Potatoes
It’s relatively stable. Potatoes are more resistant.

6. Peanuts
full of nutrition, The price should be reasonable.
7. oil
Use the remaining oil, except for cooking oil. 2500-3000 tons of soma is not enough for a bottle of 50. (The price has gone up unfairly now)

8. Five or six
If you want to eat it, buy only lightly salted and dried redfish. Although not nutritious, It is convenient to eat with rice. Because of the position.
9. Eat more leaves.

10. If you don’t have cans of oil or dried noodles, please bring them to eat.

11. Drink a lot of water, the weather is very hot. May you all be healthy and overcome everything…
Credit Dr. Nyi Kyaw