How to sell the shops so that they don’t lose their capital

How to sell the shops so that they don’t lose their capital
Loss of capital is because the money from the sale is spent. Anyone who goes back without using the proceeds from the sale will not lose their capital.

It will be slow to use to see profit. But there will be more capital. It’s easy to say, but most people don’t have the discipline. The more they sell, the more they want to use.

They don’t even notice that their own funds are included in the use. When they notice, it’s when they don’t have any money to fall back on.

Another reason for losing capital is selling debt. When it sold out, the debt could not be collected, and the item had to be bought back.

Another worse cause of bankruptcy is doing business with debt.
It’s been this way since I started doing it, from not being able to sell as much as I thought and not being able to pay the interest until the last thing I had was lost.
What they say when the base is lost is that this economy is bad and the base is lost.
Actually, I will start a business as much as I can with the amount of money I have.
If there is discipline, if you don’t need it, it doesn’t matter, you can tolerate it, just buy nothing.
The economy will gradually improve and improve. May you all be able to manage your finances and prosper in every business.