The Delong Star Ruby

The Natural History Museum in New York City is home to the Delong Star Ruby. It has an extremely sharp 6-rayed star effect and weighs 100.32 carats. It is of Burmese origin and has a beautiful deep purplish red color.

Mrs. Edith Haggin de Long is the inspiration for the name of the DeLong Star Ruby. She got the stone in 1937 from Martin Leo Ehrmann, a well-known dealer and collector of gems and minerals.

Ehrmann traveled the world looking for expensive and rare gems and minerals and amassed a large collection of rare minerals. The extraordinary orchid-red star ruby that Mrs. Edith Haggin de Long later gave to the American Museum of Natural History was given the name “De Long Star Ruby” in honor of her.

In 1964, Jack Murphy, also known as Murph the Surf, and two other men broke into the Delong Star Ruby and stole its valuables. After that, it was freed and returned. Florida’s phone booth served as the designated drop-off location for the Delong Star.