The easiest and simplest yatra for anyone with poor health

I have previously carefully written the simplest yatra for those in poor health. Anyone in poor health can benefit from it.

Nothing is monotonous. Simply display it in a convenient location nearby.
“I don’t know what it means; it’s really special,” the person said.

Master Min Singh has repeatedly informed me. The medication got stronger. I was eating.
I became content. I’ve improved. I’ve saved a lot of lives.”

Everyone was truly unique. a collection of ten green eggs and vermicelli. Raw eggs exist.
Bundles of worms are bundles. Simply inform the patient that you are ill and put on Yatra. It can remain there until the sun returns.
After being released from the hospital, it should be thrown away if it is still in the facility. I have assisted numerous others with referrals.
It was sent to me this morning. headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, itchy limbs that won’t move, trouble sleeping for four, five, or more days, etc.
Be confident when you doubt something. The simplest yatra is this one.
Note. It is not a contribution to a cause. Simply place it as a sign.
Throw a kite anywhere if the patient is healthy. Chronic can also benefit from it.
Choose a convenient location for it. so that it can be used by those who need it.
I wish you all the best. S Balanam dies. All creatures may prosper.
Papa Thet Roo Swe