The G3 production team was able to produce a small fighter drone that can overcome jumpers

I have made a drone that can jump over the jump… The video is added at the bottom.
February 8
According to People’s Voice, the G3 production team has been able to produce a small fighter drone that can overcome jumpers.

The production of the small fighter drone started in May last year, and it is reported that there were losses during the testing period in the production.

In October of last year, the G3 team continued to produce under the Garuda line of MOD, and it was able to produce this successfully.

These combat drones have been used in battles in the southern region since October last year
It was used in more than 100 operations, according to the People’s Voice statement.

Because drones are combat aircraft-style drones, the number of propellers is small, so they are loud and fast.
He also said that he rarely misses Janpa.

“The cost of this production is $2,000; 60,000,000 Kyat money. 60,000,000 is a situation where I can’t even get a short hand.

People’s Voice admin Shin Aye Bom said, PEN 47 reported.
In order to produce these drones, a 1,000 kyat campaign has also been planned, and the public is encouraged to contribute as much as possible starting from 1,000 kyats.
“Recently, technology sharing to other needy groups, I have to learn to drive. That’s why the current drones are not enough, so I am donating.
Normally, this group doesn’t release a name at all. And the missions aren’t nearly 100 anymore. He can also do some kind of intelligence scouting,” explained Shin Aye Bom.
Soldiers from the People’s Defense Forces will soon return to the cities to protect the people
He also said that the people should continue to believe in the youth and the Spring Revolution.
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