The girlfriend who didn’t call the hotel was on the street… (TV)

The girlfriend who did not call the hotel was on the street… (TV) The video below shows a man who acted inappropriately toward his girlfriend who did not call the hotel.

Like every human, when they meet someone they truly love, they put the little things that will make them happy ahead of their own happiness. On the other hand, people who don’t really love look only at themselves and don’t think about the other person.

On Napa Gyi Road, two Vietnamese lovers are currently engaged in a heated argument. The moment the girl shamelessly took off her clothes became viral on social media.
The boy asked the girl to accompany him to the hotel after he went out with the girl on their fifth month of dating and didn’t come home.
With a lot of resentment, the girl refused outright.
At the time, the young man threatened to break up with them if he didn’t go to the hotel, and he demanded that the jacket he had purchased be returned.
She was stripping on the street because the bar didn’t even think about what the girl did to her.
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