The world’s rarest mineral from the Mokot region that Burmese gemologists were able to identify

The rarest mineral in the world, identified by Burmese gemologists from the Mokot region. The International

Gemological Association says that of the 6,000 minerals in the world, Kyawthuite is the rarest mineral. Ruby

miners in Mokok’s Chaogyi Valley discovered the 1.61-carat orange crystal without realizing that it was a rare mineral.

Dr. Kyaw He, a Burmese gemologist, purchased this unique mineral from the gem market in 2010. Recognizing its singularity, he collaborated with American gemologists to get it recognized as a new mineral by the International Gems Association. The International Gems Association acknowledged Kyawthuite as a brand-new mineral in 2015.
The mineral Kyawthu Ai has a chemical composition of Bi3+Sb5+O4. Despite its small size, it carries weight because it is eight times denser than water. Its value has not yet been established because it is the only mineral found anywhere in the world.

Ref: The Darkest Mineral in the World, Kyawthuite