Mahabodhi Myain Monk Pagoda The guide: ❝ If you have bad luck, identify it ❞

Mahabodhi Myain Monk Pagoda
The guide: ❝ If you have bad luck, identify it ❞

Every human being is lucky, Those who wish to be lucky. They do all sorts of things to get lucky.
❝Good luck, photography feeding the elephant No need to wait and wait. Even in waiting, the desire to get, Even if the dream comes out, it can make you dive again.

If you want to use clean water, you have to wash the tank first. The water in the lake is not pure. In the present Do not take away the property of those who do not enter into virtue. No matter how many times you pull the steering wheel with hope, good fortune will sit between the lines of the past near the present.

Some have bad intentions, wrong Saying no, in the name of the rich, he planted himself in the forest of evil. The evil nature of evil, Even a great person. The cycle of bad luck is not to be missed.
The good fortune of Venerable Venerable Mettya Buddha, Etag Htoo, was also blessed by the purity of his mind.
Also… Moekot, Even the Great Monks of the past have blossomed from the purity of their hearts. If mankind wants to be lucky, it must be like us. He did not come out of his mouth, but did it in practice. They preached.
clean behavior clean mouth With a clean mind and good luck, the way is clear when mistakes are made. In fact, I found a companion, The good fortune of the past, and the three good times that he had interwoven, shone forth in full.
This is the way to show good luck to the unlucky followers.