Due to the inhuman act of the inconsiderate husband, now…

I didn’t stop her because she was just born, but because of the inhumane actions of her inconsiderate husband, now…

I’ve found Mai Khaing, don’t let me get an inhuman husband in my next life.

Now the hospital has given up and I have to call you home tomorrow.

Ma I Khaing no longer needs a blood donor.
The 25-day-old baby needs more milk powder.
Uterine damage from forced sex on a woman without knowing how to maintain a postpartum chastity
It is reported that he was put in the hospital because he did not pay attention.
By the time we know that we don’t have enough money to save in time, it’s too late
Now, if you want to pay a small amount of milk powder to continue for the 25-egg baby.
The team will donate diapers, diapers, and baby clothes tomorrow. If anyone wants to donate milk, please let me know.
Glory Team