She won the lottery for 6 million baht, but because she has 10 million baht in debt…..

A Thai woman selling eggs at a market in central Thailand’s Prachin Buri province won 6 million baht

in the Thaigovernment lottery on March 16, but she didn’t even pay off her debt.


As a result of winning the 6 million baht lottery, Sri Phan (aka Amy) donated her eggs and

500 boxes of duck eggs to


Sai Maha Phot District. Thatan distributed it in Khao Tai Market.

Even though she won the 6 million baht lottery, she has a debt of 10 million baht, so she still owes another 4 million

baht.Before the lottery, her mother told her daughter Amy that a nun had given her the number 3 in her dream, and

Amychose the number 025873.

At first, Amy thought she won 2,000 baht after matching the last 2 numbers, but she was very happy when she

found out that she also won the jackpot of 6 million baht.

Even though she won the highest lottery prize, her debt still hasn’t been paid off, but she believes that this is due to

her good deeds and religious practices and is lucky, and said that she will donate more of her eggs to share.

It is not yet known exactly how she incurred the 10 million baht debt. She won the lottery but has not yet paid off

her debt, and she does not know whether to be sad or happy.