Think about it because of these facts that the shop is not in progress and progress.

Think about it because of these facts, it is due to these factors that it does not improve and improve.

The Gentile people work. Four five years can be open again. It has been at least three stores for five years in the business. When it comes to the Myanmar land, the Myanmar court is boiled and runs. I studied while working on a fine shop in the past thirty years ago.

1. Homework is accurate. The shop is sometimes late. Today, the order of today is the day after the order today. If you copy the day, you will not be delayed by the next day.

2. It’s a good idea. The boss worked with the end of the labor end. I went to the shop and not sitting the tea shop. At the time of drinking, I usually take for ten minutes in the workplace.

3. You are a good idea. The boss’s work is in all the stomach’s heads. The agedmist’s life must have material.

4 All the supporters of the shop welcomed the way they were or not.

5. It gives you a debt to the debt. You can make the right decision that does not give to someone who should not give it. There is no stress.

6. There is an accurate statistics. Every Sunday, I recalled a list of the weekly track of the week. If there was an error, immediately informed the trader. (Wrong wrong)

7. There is only one boss in the shop. The rich man also worked with workers. The rich and the rich were neither in the work of the worker, and there was no work in the workplace because of the Chinese bhikkhus. The shop worker asked when I started working at less than ten years.

When I bought a tube at the pipe shop today, the boss was watching TV. The man who thinks the boss is rubbing the phone. When buying the item, it was as if I wanted to get up and get up and got a fish for five minutes. It ‘s a good idea. It’ s a good idea. I got to the other side. It is recommended. He said that he was thanked thanks.

What does it? It ‘s a good thing to have a good time. Now it’s getting big. It is coming again soon and not what others grow up. At this time, the nations were economically monopolized. If the Burmese want to grow, this is the day of this. It ‘s not a good idea. Don’t be afraid. Make work like work. But.