3 things that must be done in advance to overcome the economic crisis

Last week, the news that shook the world business world was that the price of the first shares of the world-famous social networking network Facebook fell, and the investment bank Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley), which brokered the market for Facebook shares, and

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

is being sued for keeping most investors from knowing that Facebook’s forecast for future earnings may not be very good. These facts are interesting for those who are preparing to buy shares and invest in the soon-to-be-established stock market (Myanmar Stock Exchange) in Myanmar.


In fact, Facebook’s main source of revenue is through advertising. Profiles of people who use Facebook behavior By carefully recording information such as habits and preferences, marketers can target and advertise their products to potential buyers.

For example, when a Facebook user changed his profile from single to engaged, wedding planning companies, Honeymooners can advertise their services directly to these Facebook users.

With 910 million Facebook users worldwide, Facebook is a very important advertising platform for large businesses. Because of this, one Facebook user is considered to be worth more than 100 dollars for businessmen, and the value of Facebook is estimated to be more than 100 billion (one hundred thousand million) dollars.

Before that, Facebook was owned by founder Mark Zuckerberg and a group of private investors. One such investor is Alisha Usmanok, one of the major shareholders of Arsenal Football Club, who started selling at $38 per share, so his investment in Facebook is estimated to be worth about $5 billion.

Due to the high demand for Facebook’s shares, more than 500 million shares changed hands on the first day of the sale, reaching a high of around $42 for a while. In the following days, an Internet social network like Facebook was used by other famous manufacturing and service companies such as Ford. They began to question the price cut, saying that it was worth more than the Disney entertainment company.