Grandmother Daw Khin Myint, who is going through a difficult life until she is over 80 years old…

There is a grandmother who sells goods from the other side of Yangon on a motorboat every day.

My grandmother is over 80 years old and her name is Daw Khin Myint. My grandmother has no son or daughter-in-

law to live with, and since both of them have had a stroke, she is the sole breadwinner.
My grandmother left the house at 5:30 in the morning and went to Lam Maw 18 to sell seasonal crops and eggs.
There are things to go back home to. Grandma is trying to find all the little money she has saved to pay for medicine and food when she is sick. Grandma is a generous person and donates all the little money she gets to the monastery.

Grandmother got married at the age of 17 because she was afraid of her stepfather.

My grandmother has 5 children, but she can’t support them because her children are unlucky. Although she used to live with her children
Because she was thrown out of the house, the grandmother had to stay at the house of acquaintances for a long time. However, the grandmother did not lose heart and tried to find a way forward in her life.
“None of my grandmother’s children are mean to my grandmother. It hurts me to say such things. Now she is paralyzed
“Grandmother feeding her son and daughter-in-law is not good for me, but she doesn’t blame me. Sometimes when I feel depressed, I pray that she will die quickly. Grandma’s life is very bad,” she said.
When the good-natured grandmother, whose children are unlucky, falls ill while selling, the people around her take her to the hospital.
Dear fans, when you get to the 18th street side of the road, if you see a grandmother selling, you can encourage the children and take merit from the other side.