(4) things to be aware of…6feb

(4) things to be aware of regarding the wallet to prevent bribery…

Can you believe that your financial good/bad luck depends on how you use your wallet?

Some things are hard to believe, but there is no denying that they actually have an impact.

So… here are some do’s and don’ts when using your wallet for financial luck.

(1) Don’t put vouchers in your wallet

Vouchers received after shopping Short receipts, Keeping folded papers in your wallet helps to prevent bribery.

So…be careful not to put them in your wallet. Be sure to clear.

(2) Put the money in an orderly manner

When you put money in your wallet… Don’t make it wrinkle. Spread the money

Add in order. I need to respect the money I use. So you will always have money in your hands.

(3) Don’t throw your wallet on the floor

Throwing the wallet on the floor You shouldn’t post things where you find them.

You should have a specific place to keep your wallet and keep it organized.

(4) The colors you should choose for the wallet

The color of the wallet is also bright. It causes the bribery.

Black wallet Browns and greens will make you open up, and you should avoid blues.

Respectfully credited to the original author.